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When having text that can’t be changed with the jQuery (in that particular place there is to much javaScriptc that new jQuery don’t affect that particular text) then we need to use CSS:

First make text indent (move text for the x pixels to the left) so the old text isn’t visible.

  text-indent: -165px;

-165px is just an example, see how long is your text and how much it needs to be move in px to be invisible.

After that add a:before to the CSS with the next parameters:

    content: "Example";
    position: absolute;
    left: 165px;
    transform: translate(-47px, 0);
  1. left: 165px; Move new text to the right for the amount of px that you have indent your text that is invisible.
  2. transform: translate(-47px, 0); Center your new text.